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Finding Yourself in the Broken Pieces

"I hope you take that journey within

And through all the wrong turns

You find yourself.

And when you find yourself all the darkness turns into celebratory bliss

The curtains blinding your heart peek open.

And you unabashedly walk in your truth.

Running towards the brink of combustion from all the love you found."

-Mica J Gonzalez

In life, the road on our journey will not always be a smooth one. We will have ugly days and broken moments. We often are confronted with the war of life's raging seas. However, there is a certain feeling of magic along the way. When we stop and take a look around, we can feel connected to it all. Yes, the sun beautifully sets with explosive colors into the darkness. But is it really always dark? No, we know the moon reigns the darkest skies and lit like tiny fireflies are the stars that linger above us. This is our resting place, our sacred time to let go and anticipate the sunlight again in the morning. That is natures ritual- it is why our human bodies coincide so well with the way nature flows. Take time out today and find a ritual for yourself. Whether it be through prayer, meditation or even sipping a cup of coffee or tea in the morning and night. I hope you find time to connect with the things that matter most to you today.

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