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About Me


I am a Community Wellness Educator and lead my own outreach for substance misuse and nutrition. I teach overdose reversals, Fentanyl & Xylazine test-strip use and educate communities on how to recognize signs and symptoms of overdoses. I firmly believe in harm reduction and meeting individuals where they are and educating our community on stigma reducing verbiage.

I am a Reiki Master & Teacher helping individuals to practice mindfulness and holistic stress management. I hold recovery Reiki sessions individually and in groups. Our mission is to assist you on your healing journey connecting mind, body, spirit and community. 


 In January 2022 I made a detrimental decision that almost cost my life. I decided to drive to work in a snowstorm and wound-up losing control of my vehicle on black ice hitting head on with another car. After 2 major surgeries to save my life and having vital organs removed, I woke up from my coma 3 days later.

I was attached to life support as I struggled to breathe on and off. I had to learn to walk again. I sat in the ICU and thought about life. The meaning, the purpose- the big "WHY". I knew my life was sparred because I still had work to do. Once I was stable and out of the hospital, it all came together: all the inutile and petty things do NOT matter. What DOES matter is the positive impact you leave behind. And that is what has fueled me with the community through Kurama; knowing that saving a life can go beyond surgery. You can save a life with kindness, with compassion and with selfless acts of generosity. That is the foot print I would like to leave behind on this earth.


  • Reiki Master/Teacher

  • Nutritional Wellness Coach-NASM


  • Harm Reductionist- NHRC

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